Cases Developed for NSF Award 1043919

2013 Mobile Application Development Strategy at Vology Agrawal, M. and Gill, T.G.
2013 ProctorFree: Deterring Online Cheating Gill, T.G.
2013 Growing Checkio Gill, T.G.
2013 iMapBook: Engaging Young Readers with Games Gill, T.G., Smith, G.
2012 SiteWit NoSQL Berndt, D., Lasa, R. and McCart, J.
2012 USF Content Management System Gill, T.G., Long, K. and Walpole, D.
2012 eBook or App Case Sanchez-Murphy, S., Murphy, W. and Gill, T.G.
2012 Nation Technologies Biowrap Case Agrawal, M.
2012 Pathfinders Eureka Case Gill, T.G.
2012 Wish Farms FireTag Case Gill, T.G.
2012 Innerscope Research Case Gill, T.G.
2012 Infinity Computer Solutions Case Agrawal, M. and Gill, T.G.
2012 Lee-En Chung Website Case Gill, T.G.
2012 Ism4300 Case Gill, T.G.
2010 Web Piston: Choosing a New Strategy Gill, T.G. and Lasa, R.